Taming the Pteradactyl

Its Jurassic Park in our house.

My young son knows only a few words: cat, please, Josie (the dog) and up. With everything else, it’s a scream. I know that he’s trying to talk, trying to reach out, trying to get his point across, but to no avail. Just the scream.

What to do.

We are trying to teach him to make the “help” sign. It worked with our daughter. Whenever she hit a wall, Up went the hands with “help.” When we try with my son, he thinks we are dancing and breaks into a twisting motion.

And screams.

I am getting better at anticipating his wants and needs. But sometimes, I am clueless. Stuck under a chair. Scream. Can’t find a sock to chew. Scream. Wants more milk. Scream. Doesn’t like Chicken with Stars. Scream.

The pterodactyl in the corner with no way out. I know we will laugh about this in the future and I will try not to bring up the story in front of his girlfriend. He’ll get the words, they’re just around the corner.

But for now, I tell myself to have patience, grab another cup of coffee and try to laugh it off.

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