Little Bruce and Roger Build a Kite

For a quick background on Little Bruce and Roger, look here.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived on farm near the woods. His name was Little Bruce. Little Bruce lived with his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. He also had a little black dog named Roger.

One day after eating his breakfast, Little Bruce was bored. He didn’t have anything to do. He walked though the house and sat down by his Grandpa.

“Grandpa, I don’t know what to do today.” said Little Bruce, in a bored kind of voice. His Grandpa turned to him and said all-of-the-sudden and very excitedly, “lets fly a kite.”

Little Bruce got very excited, too. That was a perfect idea. Today was a very good day for flying a kite. But, oh no! Little Bruce remembered that he didn’t have a kite.

“Grandpa, I don’t have a kite”, Little Bruce said very dismayed.

His Grandpa simply looked at him matter-of-factly, and said “then we will make one!”

“Go and find these things around the house and meet me on the screen porch when you have them all,” said Little Bruce’s Grandpa. He continued, “We will need string, ribbons, one sheet of newspapers and two fairly straight sticks. I will get some scissors and tape. Now, hurry, and meet me on the screen porch when you have them all.”

Little Bruce was very excited and he went about the house looking for the things that he and Grandpa needed to make their kite. He got one sheet of newspaper from his dad and the string from his mother. His grandma gave him the ribbons. And Roger helped him find the sticks. Of course he had to find a little extra stick just for Roger. He quickly brought all the supplies to the screen porch where Grandpa was waiting with scissors and tape.

“First,” said Grandpa, “We will lay the sticks down in the shape of the letter ‘x’ and tie them together in the middle with some string. Then, we tape the corners of the sticks to edges of the piece of newspaper.” Little Bruce helped his Grandpa tie the sticks and tape them to the newspaper.

“Now, Little Bruce,” said Grandpa, who was beginning to get more and more excited as the kite took shape, “lets cut small pieces of ribbon and tie them to this little piece of string.” Little Bruce helped with the tying, but wondered what part of the kite this was.

“Grandpa?” asked Little Bruce, “whats this for?”

“This is the kite’s tail and will help us tell how the wind is blowing,” said Grandpa, who was now really, really excited about getting to fly the kite.

“Last step, Little Bruce,” said Grandpa, as he and Little Bruce tied a very long piece of string to the center where both sticks crossed.

Now Little Bruce was very excited. Grandpa was very excited. Roger was excited too, and had chewed on his stick the whole time.

Little Bruce and Grandpa carried the kite and walked to the meadow below the pond in the front of the house. It was the perfect place to catch the wind and sail a kite.

Grandpa stood on one end with the kite and Little Bruce stood a little bit away holding the string. “When I count to three,” called Grandpa, “I will throw the kite into the air and you pull the string.”

“Are you ready, Little Bruce?” called Grandpa.

“Ready, Grandpa,” Little Bruce called back.

Grandpa waited for the perfect breeze, then shouted “one, two, three” as he threw the kite high into the air. At the same time, Little Bruce pulled on the string and the kite sailed high into the blue sky.

Grandpa ran to where Little Bruce was standing and they both took turns holding the string to their kite. The kite sailed back and forth in the blue sky. Roger looked up and barked occasionally as the kite dipped and darted and dove and climbed again.

Little Bruce and Grandpa had fun all morning sailing their kite in the air until Grandma rang the bell for lunch.

The end.

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