Champion of Bugs

It’s not like me to propel or even agree with the gender roles that society has given to men and women, especially in the roles of raising children. As a stay-at-home father, many of those societal norms are already reversed. But there are some that remain, and one in particular that has been bestowed on most dads world round: Champion of Bugs.

The Champion of Bugs gets to deal with any and all bugs that the family encounters. It’s an endless battle of Man vs. cockroach, spider, bees, wasps, ants … really anything small that buzzes or scurries.

Less than two minutes ago, I was pulled away from writing this blog to the screams of “Daddy, Daddy, there’s a bug!” As I ran around the corner, I found a familiar situation: my daughter and wife cringing and pointing to a small bug that had made its way into our house. Now, my wife and daughter are fiery and powerful woman, but at this moment, this bug has had them both cornered.

Not that I like bugs any more than them, but in this world I know we are vastly outnumbered. The bugs have us at their mercy. This is the thought that races in my veins as I search for an acceptable catch-and-release container to help this small yet mighty bug continue to do what it needs to do… just outside, instead.

I gently help the bug into a small jar and let it go outside.

I try every time to be a the Champion of Bugs but occasionally something scurries across my path that makes me jump. It’s at those times that I am glad I have reinforcements: our three cats.

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