Why a photoblog?

It started simple enough. My wife and I bought our first real camera the evening before our first child was born. In her three years of life, and a second child later, we are over 4,000 pictures. And that’s with the “big” camera. There are more on our cells, camcorder and web-cams. Sure, most of those photos are of our children–and what fun will it be to comb through thousands and thousands of pics with them for years to come.

Technology has made it very easy to point and click. So I do. Again and again.

A few caveats if you are following my humble attempt as a photo-blogger:

  • All photos are snapped by myself.
  • All photos are not necessarily of my children.
  • All photos are spontaneous.
  • All photos are taken by my cell phone.

The last bullet point make strike you as odd.  These photos represent my role with the kids as a stay-at-home father. I always have my cell phone–it’s convenient, flexible, easy and always on the go. The photos have to the same.

And so, my project is born.

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